Gifts to the library are encouraged and vital to the value of TVBC’s Library. All gifts are subject to approval by the Library Ministry Team and leadership with the Library Ministry Team carrying the major responsibility of selection and the church leadership having the final authorization.



Memorial or Honorary Monetary Donations are encouraged. Place cash or check made out to TVBC in a Library Envelope and drop it in the offering plate or lock box outside the church office.

If the donor wishes a particular item purchased, the Library Ministry Team will determine the need for that media and contact the donor only if they decide against the purchase. The Library Ministry Team may assist donor to determine specific needs of the library regarding the choice of the gift.

Monetary gifts will be included in the donor’s annual TVBC Contribution Statement. A letter of acknowledgement is provided upon request for donations made in honor or memory or someone.



The donor must adhere to the following rules for ALL non-monetary donations.


  1. A donor form must be completed and provided with all donated items.


  1. All pre-owned materials must be in like-new condition. Hardbacks are preferred; however, we will accept paperbacks if they are in excellent condition.


  1. All donations should be current (published within the past 5 years). As an exception, we will accept books needed to complete series that are currently on our shelves and older books in like-new condition from specific authors. A list of needed items is available from the Library Ministry Team upon request. We also accept older CHRISTIAN DVD’s and Audio Books on CD.


  1. Donations will be reviewed by the Library Ministry Team to determine if they fit TVBC’s needs and purpose. If the Library Team determines the books are not needed or do not fit our standards, the donor will be contacted and have two weeks to retrieve the items. At the end of that period, the books will either be donated to The Foundry or sold to a used book dealer and the money placed in the library fund.


  1. Non-book Media: CHRISTIAN movies and Bible study materials must be in DVD or Blu-Ray format.


The TVBC Library does NOT accept the following: – Secular or Non-Christian Books – Secular or Non-Christian Movies – Controversial Christian Authors – Cassettes – VHS Tapes – Old and tattered books – Cook Books, Home Decorating, Home Improvement, Crafts, etc.
Please do not leave these items in the library. Donate them to a local thrift store or a used book dealer. If we receive any of these, you will not be contacted prior to disposal of the items.


Occasionally the Library Ministry Team will publish a list of items needed for the library. If you purchase one of these items, the cost of the item can be added to your contribution statement only if you provide a copy of your sales receipt. Please complete a donation form with each item given. We request hardback books either new or in excellent, like-new condition. However, paperbacks are accepted when hardbacks are not available.