-Each child will be changed at least once during each service. If he/she attends Sunday School, he/she will be changed during both the Sunday School and worship time. 

-If your child becomes inconsolable during the service, you will be contacted either in person or during the worship service by the buzzer assigned to you at check-in. 

-Our nursery volunteers are adults and teens (9th grade and up). Teens are assigned positions with adult supervision. Should you ever find your child left alone with a teen, please notify the church office. We attempt to make every effort to assure this does not occur.

-It is a good idea to send a change of clothes even for two- and three-year-old toddlers. Accidents happen, and it is good to have a change for them.



Please cooperate with us in following the security system of signing your children in and out each time you attend. This ensures that you and only you will be able to pick up your child. It is NOT our policy to allow children to pick up their siblings. Adults without a child’s tag will not be allowed to remove a child from the children’s area. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child on a given Sunday, the person you have designated to pick up your child MUST present your child’s tag at the time of pick-up.

  • Always sign your child in and get a tag with your number on it.
  • Label all of your children’s belongings. This helps us be certain that only your child will get what is in his/her bag.
  • We ask that only one parent drop off and pick up the child. This eliminates crowding in the hallway.
  • It is extremely helpful if you do not visit your child between services. Having to say only one “goodbye” is helpful to young ones who struggle with separation anxiety.
  • Please come and pick up your child as soon as the service is over. Children who see other children’s parents coming for their children often get anxious for their parents.
  • NEVER bring a sick child to the nursery. We take every precaution to keep our children healthy and the environment as germ free as possible. Please follow the 24-hour rule if your child has had a fever. Wait 24 hours after your child’s fever has broken before bringing your child to nursery.