We want to create an opportunity for parents and student ministry leaders to get to know each other more. There is no better way to do that than over food!
With that being said, Saturday, October 17th at 9 to 11am, we will meet in the Fellowship Hall for breakfast! 
This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other more and gain valuable information about the student ministry at TVBC. We will discuss upcoming events like the Winter Retreat that will be happening in January!
Parents, we also want to hear from you! These last few months have been hard, and the difficult times are not over. We want to put some resources in your hands that will be beneficial to you, but we also want to know how we’re doing. 
Go ahead and Save the Date, we look forward to seeing you there!!
We are students from different schools and backgrounds. We are athletes and band members, studious and not-so-studious, shy and outgoing, overlooked and popular, and everything in between. We are different, but we are family. We love, laugh, and think it’s awesome just to be together.
We believe this ministry is being used by God to bring people to know Him as Savior and to deepen relationships with Him through real worship, practical Bible study, and purposeful events. We believe that teenagers have the ability to change their home, city, state, country, and world as they are an active part of the adventure of following Jesus Christ.
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Every Wednesday Night @ 6:31

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